Hello, I am Manfred Schaible 

As a 1- year-old  - we are in 1949 - I had climbed onto the sill of an open window in order to better watch and smell the "Tchotchou". My my mother could prevent a fatal fall only by a cat-like approach. At 3, so people say, I marched, my teddy bear in my arms, on the now dismantled metric railway from Nagold to Altensteig in order to visit my Grandpa in Rohrdorf. Could the crew have seen me and stopped in time? Somebody who might have known about my early love for narrow gauge railways managed to find me and carry me back home. As a boy I had my Märklin HO, came to gauge 0 and 0e in the 70s by my French penfriend Maurice whose father came along with some 500mm material for his garden. In 1974, with the advice of Bernard Bommert in Le Mans, we put a Citroen 2CV engine on a lorry to motorise it. In 1976 I started my own 600mm collection with a rectangular chassis from the Schorndorf tileworks. In 1981 we moved into our own big house in Spiegelberg, but I still haven't realised my O/Oe layout in the vast attic. First there was my profession - I teach English and French at a Grammar School -, then the restoration of our historic house (built in 1706), our 5 children, repairs of our house in France,  and, last not least, the creation of Manfred Schaible's garden railway, the MSGB which I present to you here.